Types of China inspection services

Types of China inspection services

Quality control or manufacturing inspection has great importance for every manufacturer. This is the method to test, measure, gauging or examining different characteristics of the goods and comparing the achieved results as per the set parameters or requirements so that the right conformity is achieved for every characteristic.

The China inspection services can be components that are used in the finished goods, production, inventory or even in can inspect the work in progress. These inspection services are very much important for the importers before sourcing their finished goods from oversea suppliers.

Types of inspection

There are different types of inspections like:

Pre-production inspection

This type of inspection procedure conducts during or before the initial production stages. It can inspect the finished goods on behalf of the buyers whereby the samples can be taken into the laboratory for testing or match the required specifications.

During production

This type of inspection by China inspection servicescan be conducted at several stages of production and to take care of any type of defects since the production is over. The production process should be followed during the process of inspection to ensure that the safety and hygiene standards are well maintained, there is no child labor is involved or not any labor laws are damaged to protect the brand. This type of inspection is important also ensures that the product will be complete on time without any type of shipment delay.

After manufacturing product inspection

As the product is finished, another type of inspection can take place to check for any type of hazardous substances, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals and pesticides residue in foods. The food containers can be checked also for any type of harmful elements and so the taste or smell should be inspected for the quality issues.

Pre-shipment inspection

This type of inspection takes place usually after the production stage and before the finished products are shipped to the buyers. They go for random sampling to ensure that the right size of the batch is shipped. It is important to check that all the technical specifications of the buyer are met with the approved samples.

Loading inspections

This is another type of inspection that can be done during the loading process of all your finished goods. This inspection is important to make sure that the packaging list is maintained properly and the packaging containers are in proper conditions to keep the damages away during the shipments. It is very much important for quality control and to keep track of the finished products for flawless shipping.

Benefits of the inspections

  • It can prevent the defective batch shipment of products through quantifications and by sorting out the defects before shipment.
  • Due to during and before production inspection, you can find out the sources of defects and can supply the right information to right channels to implement the corrective process.
  • You can catch the small defects through the process before it turns to serious ones.
  • This method is all good for saving time and money.

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