Some tips on making this Diwali the most Memorable one with family and friends

Some tips on making this Diwali the most Memorable one with family and friends

Are you missing the Diwali vibes this time? Are you sad that you won’t be having the parties, late night gossips with cousins, relatives and friends at home, the fire crackers, and all the fun you always had in the previous years? Well, everyone is a little upset about it. But you shouldn’t worry because you will still have you ways to post the Diwali pictures on Instagram with just a bit efforts this time. Like all the other things that’s been done through internet, make an “Internet wali Diwali” this time and let it go viral with your creativities and uniqueness in the celebrations. Whether you are at home, or away from home, whether you are meeting your school time friends, or just stuck with the roommates in the hostel, don’t let the Diwali spirit fade away just because things are not the same as before. We can still have a memorable Diwali this time because it is going to be the most different one which we have never experienced before!

Some of the tips are here to make it an amazing Diwali for you and your family:

Get together with a Video call:

These days, video calls have become a part of our daily life. We may skip to visit the next door but doing daily video call to see our parents, family members or a close friend is just so much habitual. So, don’t skip seeing your loved ones on this biggest day as they may be physically not there with you but their smiling faces are just a video call away.  Arrange a conference call for the whole family and share Diwali wishes together.

Look Good and Feel good:

Even though the guests are not coming this time to your home, or you don’t get to go outside, don’t just lie around in a corner but get up and get dressed to have the Diwali look! Wear a good dress, wear make up, look your best and take selfies to post on social media page and share with your dear ones.

Online Diwali Gifts: Exchanging Diwali gift is an inseparable part of our traditions. So, don’t skip this beautiful culture of gifting as some reliable online gift retailers have made it easy and fun to send Diwali gifts on time. Select flower bouquets, sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, God and Goddess idols, cushions, mugs, cakes, and even indoor or outdoor plants to send them to your dear ones and wish them a happy Diwali from MyflowerAPP.Com if you want it to be easy and joyful.

Online flowers and lights for decoration: You can make you home or hostel room look Diwali ready, all by yourself. For that, you need to order or buy some flowers online, lights, lamps, lanterns, and Diyasfor decoration. Many online florist supplies natural and artificial flowers for decoration as well!

DIYs to change your mood:

DIY hacks are not only fun but it is a great escape plan from the loneliness and gloomy feelings. This Diwali, be an artist or a great influencer for some of your followers with DIY deeya making, light making, crafts from old clothes or papers to decorate your home or room. You can give the best look to your place which you can reveal on the day of Diwali. It can be your new Insta post to feel good about yourself. In this way, you can also inspire your family members, especially the younger ones and impress the elder ones.

Learn to makeDiwali k Mithai on your own this time:

Although you can’t share the sweets of Diwali with your family members but you can definitely share the recipe with them. So take a picture while you learn something special this time and have it to spread some sweetness in this funky way through making a live video or a vlog abut it.

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