How to choose your office chairs

How to choose your office chairs

The office chair today contributes a lot to the successful completion of your daily work. It helps you find your ease in the performance of your tasks, but also prevents diseases such as low back pain or herniated discs that appear when you sit for a long time each day. Choosing an office chair is not by chance. Indeed, it is necessary to follow a precise approach so that the purchase constitutes a good deal and that the chosen model responds correctly to your expectations and to your working conditions. In this review and through the different sections of our site, you will find tips for choosing the right office chair.

The different types of office chairs

Before buying your office chair, you need to know how to differentiate between the different types in order to identify the one that suits you best. To better classify office chairs, we have separated them into two main categories: office chairs and office chairs. These two notions are often mixed. However, you should know that the chair differs from simple seats by the presence of armrests. Armchairs always have armrests, unlike office chairs, which only have the legs, seat and back. Best Office Chairs

The choice of the type of office chair or chair is based on the time you spend on it each day.

Office chair

You sit less than 3 hours a day: the standard office chair like the TecTake de Luxe is ideal. This type of office chair is distinguished by its fixed back. Only the seat height is therefore adjustable.

You sit less than 6 hours a day: the permanent contact office chair is the most suitable. The seat is only adjustable in height. As for the backrest, it can automatically follow the inclination of your back for permanent contact, whatever the position.

You sit for up to 7 hours a day: the office chair with synchronous system will satisfy you. On this type of office chair, the seat and the backrest can tilt at the angle you have chosen. It offers more comfort than the first two types of office chairs.

Desk chair

You sit for less than 4 hours a day: the center tilting chair like the Songmics OBG28G racing sport office chair suits you. It is characterized by its back and seat which keep a constant angle, but which can tilt together in the angle of your choice.

You sit less than 6 hours a day: The center axis tilting chair is the most suitable. Like the first type of armchair, the back and seat recline without changing angles. However, when tilting, the seat height will remain unchanged.

Several models of each type are visible in our test & opinion section.

How much should we invest?

The prices of office chairs vary widely. In general, seats cost less than office chairs. The price, however, will change depending on the model range, resistance, quality of materials and functionality. You have to pay between € 70 and € 100 to buy a good quality office chair. A good office chair is worth at least € 70. Some high-end models can, however, cost up to € 2,000.

Selection criteria

When buying your office chairs, you need to take into account several criteria. Consider, for example, choosing the model that has a seat height suited to your body type. The inclination of the backrest, but also the position of the armrests will also have to adapt to this morphology, but also to the height of your office table. Make sure your weight is compatible with the maximum load capacity of your office chair. Also take into account the accessories such as lumbar supports, headrest, castors, but also other characteristics such as the warranty, the quality of the materials used or the quality of assembly.

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