5 Practices to Remember When Starting Normal Routines amid Covid-19

5 Practices to Remember When Starting Normal Routines amid Covid-19

Recent trends are in transitional phase. The world will never be the same as it was before 2019. The year 2020 was expected to bring happiness and growth (according to the indicators) but what happened in the early months was drastic. Markets are closed. Shopping malls have become difficult place to visit because of social distancing rules. UAE residents are now allowed to visit these places but little mistake may result in heavy fines. Therefore, it is important to shop online at Ounass especially your fashion outfits, gears and accessories. Choose Coupon.ae as your virtual partner and explore Ounass code to enjoy the discounts.

Wear Your Masks:

Keep a smile on your face. This is an old saying turned into a different saying. The very first thing to keep on your face is a “Mask.” Don’t go out without wearing the facemask because it is mandatory. Government officials or law enforcement agencies are present to monitor the public. You may face a heavy fine if not wearing the mask. This helps you cover your nose and mouth (the most probable entries for the virus). Ladies can find colorful and matching face masks with styles. Choose the fabric of your choice and pair the mask with your recent dress.

Cover Your Hands:

Protect your hands, as these could be a transferring medium for virus. Never shake hand with anyone but say “Hello” from a distance. Remember the mandatory rule of “6 Feet Distancing” when in public. No doubt, everyone has information about these things but people may ignore the guidelines. Don’t be the one ignoring these essential guidelines. Staying safe and clean is important in order to defeat the virus.

Use Hand Sanitizers:

Today, pocket size bottles of hand sanitizers are available everyone. However, these are little expensive due to high demand. You can purchase quality hand sanitizers with Ounass code from this store. Coupon.ae consistently supports the buyers looking for personal hygiene products. Consider this important product and shop immediately. Applying the sanitizer to your hands helps killing the microorganisms such as viruses instantly.

Stay Neat And Clean:

Whatever you do for this, the purpose is to maintain the personal hygiene. Most people believe that taking hot or cold shower is useful to eliminate the risk of Covid-19. Remember, this virus can stay for 10 minutes on your skin. Washing your hands, face, or skin is effective. What about the soaps? Well, there is no need to be conscious about anti-microbial soaps. A simple soap is enough to clean your hands. The virus can’t adhere to the skin properly. Therefore, it runs off with water while you wash your hands for longer.

Change Your Clothes:

Buy some cotton based clothes from Ounass store. Apply Ounass code to seek initial discounts on different fashion apparels. Change the clothes when you return to home. Wash these clothes and dry in sunlight. This is enough to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. Remember these easy steps while maintain your fashion and style routine.

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